Who Is Sohail Ayaz, Member Of International Crime Ring?

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Sohail Ayaz has committed crimes that can never be forgiven. He had been sexually abusing children and filming them. The criminal had been convicted for child pornography in England and Italy before being deported to Pakistan and getting employment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government in 2012. He was arrested last week over child pornography charges. His victims were all psychologically vulnerable. They were poor children, working at fuel stations and selling tea, with disturbed family lives.

Sohail Ayaz was a member of an international pornography ring and KP officials had failed to do any background checks on him before appointing him. At the time of arrest, he was drawing Rs 300,000 in salary. The officials had no reasonable response to the questions raised in the Senate committee on Friday. Watch Abdullah Malik's detailed report on Sohail Ayaz, his victims and his crimes.

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