Watch How This Professional Poker Cheater, Mike Postle, Gets Caught With Body Language

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Does body language and the evidence prove this guy, Mike Postle, is a professional poker cheater? Find out next.

Personally, I’m not a big cards player, but whether you like poker or not, this story is just fascinating, so this will all be presented for even non-poker players to understand.

Mike Postle is the professional poker player that has been getting a ton of attention recently, since many have suspected that he’s cheating, in part, because his win rate is astonishingly around 90%.

Due to this ridiculously high win rate, statistics prove that he’s either supernatural or he’s cheating because it’s mathematically impossible for anyone to win that much. However, Mike Postle claims he’s not and claims he’s able to win like this because he’s just really good at reading people to know what everyone has at the poker table, so we’re going to piece together the evidence, along with breaking down Mike Postle’s body language to find out if he’s cheating and how he’s doing it.

Mike Postle’s alleged poker cheating all seemed to occur at this one little casino just outside of Sacramento in Northern California called Stones Gambling Hall. Stones was live streaming some of their low stakes poker matches with commentary. Also, they were using cards with RFid sensors in them so the online viewers can follow along by knowing which cards each player has. Stones live streamed their matches on a significant delay, so by the time the viewers see each player’s hand the hand was over, but find out if cheating still occurred.

Now in the comments: What would you do if you played poker with Mike Postle and found out he consistently cheated stealing your money? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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