Was Ghislaine Maxwell's Father a Spy?

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Ghislaine Maxwell is bad, but have you met her father, Robert Maxwell? He's been called a sociopath, a schemer and a spy. Like father, like daughter.
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Ghislaine's family background is full of drama! And it's pretty clear that her Jefferey Epstein had a lot in common with her father, Robert Maxwell. You might even say her father is a big reason why she became so loyal to Epstein, and maybe even why she is in jail awaiting trial for sex trafficking alleged victims like Virginia Roberts. In the latest true crime recaps you're going to get a quick glimpse of how she was raised. And honestly, who is she going to name when she does reveal who else was part of Epstein's scheme? Donald Trump? Prince Andrew? Bill Clinton? And what does the Mossad have to do with this?

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KEEP IT SIMPLE NEWS: https://keepitsimplenews.com/part-2-of-6-robert-maxwell-superspy/


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