War (May 15) China warship Attack by US Spy Ship while live fire drill with Filipino troop in SCS

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War : China warship Attack by the US Spy Ship while live fire drill with Filipino troop in South China Sea.

The ongoing joint exercises by Japanese, the US, French and Australian troops, claimed to serve as a deterrent to China, is only symbolic and of little military significance, as the drill was put together by participants that have different agenda or are too weak, experts said on Wednesday, while slamming Japan's outdated mindset of rallying alliances for confrontation.

The People's Liberation Army doesn't even need to make pointed responses to the joint drill since it's insignificant militarily. PLA should make concrete steps in its own development, like it did with recent drills and warship commissioning, said analysts. Japan, the US and France kicked off their first-ever joint military drill in southwestern Japan on Tuesday, with an Australian naval ship also taking part in the week-long air, land and sea exercises, AFP reported.

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