Wanna make a Deal????????? Alastors Game - (Living Tombstone) [Hazbin Hotel-Song]

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After 3 weeks its finally done! I present you a full animation for the song Alastors Game inspired by Hazbin Hotel! I can already tell you that youtube compression not gonna like this video, the chours get a bit pixelated.. idk what i can do about it, even without effects i still get those anoying artifacts, so yeah.. i choose to upload the version with effects becouse at the end it won't make any big difference.

before you give me a big shitstrom that the story isn't canon or anything like that,
see this as an alternative universe or something like that. Just imagine Charlie made a deal with Alastor idk.

Anyways, i hope you like the video!
Thanks to The Living Tombstone for making this fantastic song!
And also special thanks to Vivziepop for creating Hazbin Hotel in the first palce!

This goes especially to the Creators of Hazbin Hotel!
The background images and some other graphics are taken from the real "Hazbin Hotel Pilot" Episode.
If this is an issue for you, please contact me.

reactions are allowed as long you:
-credit me (MrMautz) for the animation
-The Living Tombstone for writing and producing the song
-link the Hazbin Hotel "Pilot Episode"

-Alastors Game (Main Song)-
Music Creator: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLivingTombstone
Original Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTbfw8_SMmI

-Addict metal goes pop cover/remix (Outro Song)-
Music Creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWfmFfP7RM3ApWSmmVVz1ng
Original Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h0aWVMNZHU

Hazbin Hotel by: Vivziepop: https://www.youtube.com/user/SpindleHorse
"Pilot Episode" (18+): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlmswo0S0e0


I’ve got a game I want to show you
If I tell you my name, you’ll have to play too
I’ve been here for years biding my time
Waiting and primed. Until I could find you.

Just sign on the line and we can be friends.
I’ll be here for you until your world ends.
Enjoy all your toys I will supply.
You only live once, and you’ll be mine the

day you die, I’ll have my payment.
Your eternal soul’s enslavement.
Did you divine our dark arrangement?
You were lovely entertainment.

The dark desires you’ve been serving,
You can bet that you’re deserving.
No regret for who you’re hurting.
Why, it’s almost like you’re flirting.

Come into my world take a look at me
I am the nightmare on the dark side of the moon
I’m your first last resort so call me
When you need a helping hand
Play your cards wrong and I’ll see you soon

Sorry I don’t mean to alarm you
If you ask me to stay I would be charmed to
You all have such cozy little lives
How do you survive like that I wish I knew

But you’ve got a lovely little secret
You’re tired of feeling awful small, SO YOU
Gave Mister Alastor a call, to make a deal
Because you’re hungry

for all the sights, you want to see them
Earthly delights you feel you need them
Your appetites I’ll help you feed them
I’ll be your sweet radio demon

And once your hunger has abated
Don’t forget your friend who waited
Watched as you indulged your thirst and
did I mention that you’re cursed?

Come into my world take a look at me
I am the nightmare on the dark side of the moon
I’m your first last resort so call me
When you need a helping hand
Play your cards wrong and I’ll see you soon

You laid your chips out on the table now
When you gamble souls the house will always win
I’m double dealing in betrayal
And I’m here to cash my payout
I hope it was worth the life of sin

Welcome to my world take a look around
Inside your nightmare deep beyond the mortal veil
You made a wrong turn at the crossroads
Now you’re at the final episode
Eternity with me in hell

Pleasure to play, how I enjoyed you
Suffice to say when I play I don’t lose
Collect on the debts that you accrued
It was such a gas
I really am amused

Have a dark thought I’m right beside you
A casual whisper just to guide you
Look over your shoulder and I’m gone
Remember this song
And I bid you adieu

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