"The Winds Of War (1983) Part 1: The Winds Rise"

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From imdb:

Robert Mitchum Robert Mitchum ... Victor 'Pug' Henry7 episodes, 1983
Ali MacGraw Ali MacGraw ... Natalie Jastrow7 episodes, 1983
Jan-Michael Vincent Jan-Michael Vincent ... Byron Henry7 episodes, 1983
John Houseman John Houseman ... Aaron Jastrow7 episodes, 1983
Polly Bergen Polly Bergen ... Rhoda Henry7 episodes, 1983
Lisa Eilbacher Lisa Eilbacher ... Madeline Henry7 episodes, 1983
David Dukes David Dukes ... Leslie Slote7 episodes, 1983
Topol Topol ... Berel Jastrow7 episodes, 1983
Ben Murphy Ben Murphy ... Warren Henry7 episodes, 1983
Peter Graves Peter Graves ... Palmer 'Fred' Kirby7 episodes, 1983

Holy COW!

grahamsj329 June 2004
POWERFUL! POWERFUL! POWERFUL! Herman Wouk's novel is nearly as good adapted to the screen as it was a novel. The mini series was perfectly cast and superbly acted. I'd forgotten how beautiful Polly Bergen and Ali McGraw are in this film! Robert Mitchem's performance is absolutely flawless. I recall seeing this several years ago and I loved it then. I love it even more on DVD! I am now trying to find the sequel, War and Remembrance. If I recall, it is every bit as good! Back to this one, however. Ali McGraw does a fantastic job as a Jewish woman trapped in a Europe dominated by the Jew-hating Nazis. She is trapped because of the trepidation of her uncle, who hates to leave his beloved Italy. As a consequence, she ends up stuck as well. There are many complications, not the least of which is that she is married to an American Naval Officer, Byron Henry, superbly played by Jan Michael-Vincent. This is a long one (15 hours!) but is well worth the time it takes to watch it.

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