The Story of the WCW Fingerpoke of Doom

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The "Fingerpoke of Doom" refers to an infamous incident that took place on WCW Nitro one week after Starrcade 1998. On January 4th 1999, Hulk Hogan challenged nWo Wolfpac leader Kevin Nash to a WCW Championship match. When the bell rung, Hogan poked Nash with his finger, Nash took a bump, and Hulk Hogan captured the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Finger Poke of Doom has become the stuff of legend over the years. The story truly begins back in the Georgia Dome back on the 7.6.1998 episode of Nitro. At this event, Bill Goldberg defeated Hulk Hogan in what was a historic night in WCW history. At the end of 1998, Kevin Nash was able to end Goldberg's winning streak at Starrcade 98, a booking decision that still raises questions among wrestling fans. When Nash "lay down" for the Hulkster on Nitro after the Fingerpoke of Doom, those same questions surrounding Starrcade became more prominent. This video looks at the entire WCW Fingerpoke of Doom incident between Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan, we try to understand why it happened, and we also look at some of the misconceptions regarding it's effects on WCW's ratings.

Topics covered include:
00:00 - Goldberg's WCW winning streak ends at Starrcade 98
06:02 - Nash offers Goldberg a rematch on Nitro
08:07 - Hogan vs Nash "Fingerpoke of Doom"
10:18 - Who booked Nash to beat Goldberg?
14:57 - The cancelled NBC WCW Specials
18:08 - Mick Foley winning the WWF Championship on Raw
21:49 - Eric Bischoff takes ownership for "The Fingerpoke of Doom"
Much More!

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