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This is episode 7 of After The War, go check out the other episodes first if you haven't seen those yet. If you guys have any questions read the following info first and if you still have a question then leave a comment down below. Please note this is my own AU so it's not the same to the Harry Potter franchise, there will also be lots of spells that can't be explained....

After The War playlist:

After The War Info:
Oh no! Ron found out Draco was living with them for over a month! After loads of drama with that, they decided to go back to Malfoy Manor since Draco wanted to grab something, could that thing be the Malfoy ring? He decides to give it to Harry. Are they getting married already? Out of nowhere, an unexpected person comes back, together they have a little nice conversation.

The ships:
Draco x Harry (Drarry)
Ron x Hermione (Ronmione)
Luna x Ginny (Guna, but tbh Linny sounds better, but Ginny is def top)
Lucius x Narcissa (Lucissa)

My socials:
Instagram - @amazingchloe_gacha
Wattpad - @Amazingchloe_yt

Music I used:
- Kevin Macleaod music
- Adrenaline

Apps I used:
- Gacha Club
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Adobe Photoshop
- Procreate

I don't own any of the characters, all characters belong to JK Rowling. Also I didn't create those outfits myself, I got them form other YouTube videos, so credit of the outfits goes to them!

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