The Maestro Rui Costa | Benfica's Prodigal Son

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Rui Costa is one the last football romantics. A symbol of devotion, of passion over profit. It’s hard to find a player in Benfica’s history with such a bond with the club having spent so many seasons abroad. The “Maestro” revives how he got up the ranks to the first team, soon becoming an international star in Italy but always longing to fulfil a promised and emotional return to where his heart calls home.

Film by: Carlos Miranda |
Assistant camera: Mário Ventura
Sound recording, design and mixing: Gil Geirinhas
Drone operator: Gonçalo Geirinhas
Titles design: Armando Gomes

Special thanks to:
Rui Costa, Nuno Farinha, João Gonçalves, Rita Costa, Carina Isabel Santos, Bruno Rocha.

SLB Archive photographs by:
António Reis, Carlos Graça, Roland Oliveira.

#RuiCosta #Benfica #Portugal

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