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Stock Market Live with Blaze Capital - Disney Stock - STOCKS RALLY SPY, QQQ, NASDAQ, DOW, AMC, BTC, TSLA, PLTR, GME, ABNB, COIN

Why are these stocks moving? Stock market news - May 14, 2021

Blaze Capital - Stocks Market Rallies today with the technology sector leading the way higher. Consumer Retail data released this morning showed a slow in consumer purchases. Inflation fears sent us lower earlier in the week seem to be cooling off as investors view recent data as a temporary bump while the reopening of the economy continues. Inflation fears are likely to continue into the month as we see mixed data released week over week. Analysts comments on CNBC say there is room to run due to better than expected earnings season. It's looking like the May market chop will continue!

DIS stock earnings was a slight miss, sending shares lower during trading this morning.

NASDAQ is up 1%, SPY SP500 is up 1.2%, DOW Jones is up .7%

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0:00 Stock Market Live - Stocks Rally!
Happy Friday!

5:00 SPY SP500
DAX ETF, German Exchange ETF
Seasonality Chart analysis
SPY trades Justin likes the most!

20:00 Opportunities on SPY
Justin reviews the opportunities and risks on SPY SP500
Trades Justin is looking to take
Over trading discussion

40:00 AMC stock
AMC stock compared to stocks Justin likes, why it sucks!
PLTR stock, Palantir technical analysis, stock chart review

1:00:00 ARKK stock
ARKK technical analysis, stock chart
Wall Street Psychology comparison

1:09:00 SPY SP500
SPY check in live for mid day

1:20:00 SPY SP500 Hourly Chart
SPY SP500 hourly chart analysis live

1:30:00 Today's Sponsor!

1:45:00 Stocks for Chat
BABA stock, Ali Baba technical analysis
MVIS stock, Microvision technical analysis
COIN stock, Coinbase stock chart review
ELY stock, Callaway golf stock review

1:56:00 Justin's Live trade
Justin trades SPY SP500 live
Justin's NET trade review
ENPH stock chart analysis

2:20:00 Live Trade Continued
Justin talks about risk/reward, trading and current trades he's managing and how he handles emotions

3:00:00 Kaplans FED comments
Bullish comments from Kaplan?

3:08:00 Line Chart for SPX, SPY SP500
DXY stock, US dollar review
Global Markets Reviewed

3:22:00 SPY SP500 analysis
SPY SP500 covered live into the close, youtube chat question & answer

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DISCLAIMER: These videos are not investment advice, they are for educational purposes only

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