Spy Games

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This video clip is the series of Yamaha International Highlight Concert Selection 2020 which is the collection of outstanding performance and/or composition of Yamaha Music School Students worldwide.

Spy Games

[Composer - Piano]
Edgar Bandara - Australia

[Comments from the performer]
My piece was inspired by the many spy TV shows and movies that I have watched while we have been in lockdown for most of 2020. I imagine sneaking around, stealthily, gathering clues to solve mysteries such as:
• “the Baffling Case of the Missing Lego Pieces” (and why I can’t complete my Lego model),
• “the Perplexing Case of the Daily Parcel Deliveries” (and why none are ever for me?), and
• the most puzzling case of them all - “the Unexplained Case of Mum’s Never-Ending Chocolate Supply” (even though I sneakily eat the chocolate when no one is watching, more keeps appearing in the pantry…!?)
Listen out for when I have to quickly pretend that I’m innocently looking for a healthy snack to eat when mum catches me with my hand in the cookie jar…!
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