Solo Gold Glitch 3.0 Explained (Easy Door Glitch Guide) - GTA Online - The Cayo Perico Heist

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The Solo Gold Glitch 3.0 People! The Door Glitch. Whatever you want to call it, this video right here will be your guide to easily open each of the doors inside the compound yourself. This allows you to steal gold without finding a keycard or having a second person to operate the 2 Man Security system. This right here is the hype new glitch to know about. At least until someone figures out how to get infinite loot bags...or until it gets patched.

Long story short, the Gold Glitch 3.0 allows you to steal Gold by yourself without alerting the guards by forcing the doors open. This basically means 2 things. First, that you can get an extra $50K in Gold compared to filling up on Cocaine at the Main dock or somewhere else on Cayo Perico. Second, this also means you really don't even have to go to the rest of the island at all. You can just go through the Drainage tunnel and be on your way once you're done in the compound.

For the record, a full loot bag of Gold is about $500K while a loot bag full of Cocaine is about $450K. Plus, Gold only ever spawns inside of the compound whereas Cocaine and other targets can be all over the island. So this right here makes your Cayo Perico Heist Finales both faster and more profitable. That's damn efficient right there; and if you should be one thing, you should be efficient.

If we're lucky, the Solo Gold Glitch 3.0 here won't be patched until the summertime (the Gold Glitch 2.0 was not patched until the Summer Update). But it could be patched any week now, so take advantage while you can. Also, don't worry about being banned for this. If we didn't get banned for Millions of extra dollars in the Casino Heist, we aren't getting banned for 50K extra

I recently uploaded a video on me putting this glitch into action in a Solo Cayo Perico Heist Finale with the Pink Diamond and Gold. I got the Elite Challenge at around 9 minutes and close to $1.9 Million. I'll link that below. With Hard Mode Active, Pink Diamond as a Primary Target, 2 Piles of Gold for secondary loot, 100K from the Office Safe, and the $100K Elite Challenge bonus, you achieve the absolute MAX Solo Take in the Cayo Perico Heist Finale. A little over $1.9 Million. This will obviously increase when the Panther Statue is released.

That's about it people. Please comment below with any questions or tips or advice. I really appreciate you guys all watching. Plenty more stuff in the works. That $420 Million Garage tour should come out tomorrow or Tuesday. Also that F1 Wheel Merge Glitch Video I'm making should be out asap. Until then, Hope You Enjoy!!

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