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#HUAWEINova7i #SuperFast #SuperCamera #SuperCharge #SuperMemory

Nasreen went Eid shopping with her new HUAWEI Nova 7i. So, what are you waiting for?

The HUAWEI Nova7i is now available for PKR 43,999/- in the amazing shades of Sakura Pink, Midnight Black and Nasreen's favourite Crush Green.

It's perfect for gaming with the #SuperFast Kirin 810 7nm chipset. Plus the truly 48MP Quad AI #SuperCamera does better than the rest.

You can also charge your phone to 70% within 30 minutes with the 40W HUAWEI #SuperCharge and store tons of photos, videos and apps on the 128GB #SuperMemory

Visit the link here

Special Thanks to Sajal Zavare

Pardesi Squad channel

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