Rome Total War - Wheel of Doom!

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Rome Total War, but every 20 Turns, a Random Faction gets eliminated from the game. Who will be left standing?

This is a Vanilla Rome Total War AI Only Campaign, short victory objectives. Every 20 turns, roughly, I spin the wheel of Doom, and remove a faction.
Only one can win, but who will it be?
How will this effect the AI?

I am MELKOR, a Comedy Channel that focuses on Rome and Medieval 2 Total War. Expect things like:
- What your Favourite Rome Total War Faction Says About You?
- Medieval 2 Portrayed by SpongeBob SquarePants
- General History Memes
- AI Only Campaigns + RolePlay Campaigns
- Goofy Mods

Enjoy : )
#Rome #Total #War #Elimination #Chaos #MELKOR

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