Robot Spy Otter Films Sea Otter Trying To Kidnap Pup

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Robot Spy Otter and Spy Eagle capture something remarkable...A Sea Otter trying to kidnap a pup!

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Robot Spy Bald Eagle and Spy Otter are deployed to capture sea otter behaviour. A dominant male is looking for a chance to mate. He tries to kidnap a mother's baby. By keeping the baby hostage he may gain a chance to mate!

Clip taken from Spy in the Snow

The Spy Creatures are back, dressed up in their winter coats, to take us on a journey across the globe and reveal how living in the snow tests animals to the limit.

Behind nature’s magical winter wonderland are some of the toughest places on earth to survive. In Spy In The Snow, hidden cameras in a new generation of Spy Creatures – and the return of some old friends – will reveal the fascinating behaviours of animals from penguins to parrots, polar bears to otters, wallabies and wombats.

In this hour-long special we reveal how mother sea otters raise their young in the sub-zero temperatures of Alaska. Watch as Spy Kea socialises with a gang of keas – and an innovative new ‘SnowballCam’ will show how intelligence and friendships allow these parrots to survive in the mountainous regions of New Zealand.

In Tasmania, our Spy Wallaby finds love – discovering along the way an interesting courtship technique among wombats. In the North Pole, BlizzardCam, SnowballCam and SnowCam all return and get within a paw’s swipe of male polar bears play-fighting. Whilst on the other side of the planet, our Emperor PenguinCams slide into action to show how there are none as devoted as emperor penguins when it comes to parental care.

Narrated by David Tennant

Music Composed by Will Gregory

Produced by Matthew Gordon

Creative Director: John Downer

Follow John Downer Productions:

#SeaOtters #BaldEagle #DavidTennant

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