Ring Wrong Ring - रींग रॉंग रींग - Episode 5 - 29th June, 2020

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Ep 5: The Superstition
Mansi and Vijay are about to go on a date. So, Mansi takes a taxi to reach the venue. On her way, the taxi driver tells Mansi that he is feeling incredibly lucky as his right eye is twitching. He gives some examples which makes Mansi believe in this superstition. Mansi uses the power of her magical ring to make everyone in her family twitch their eyes. Will Mansi's magic bring luck to her family? Check out in this episode.

About Ring Wrong Ring:
Mansi is a clumsy, yet dutiful and hard-working housewife, who keeps her family happy at all costs. She lives with her husband, Vijay, mother-in-law Anita, and brother-in-law, Ajay, an aspiring film-maker. Her late father-in-law, magician Dinanath Chouhan, seeing Mansi's daily struggles as a homemaker, comes alive and gifts her a magic ring, with powers that can help her get through her daily ordeal. Mansi is well-intentioned, but the magic ring often leads to unexpected situations.

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