Ring vs Simplisafe Security Systems

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Ring Security: https://amzn.to/3p2ZRNb
Simplisafe Security: https://amzn.to/3n3rQdy

In this video we compare the Ring vs Simplisafe security systems. Both the Ring security system and the Simplisafe security systems are smart DIY security systems that allow you to setup and install your own security system. Neither system requires a long term contract and professional installation is not required.

Both the Simplisafe and Ring Security Systems provide you with options for self monitoring your alarm system or to connect the security systems to professional monitoring with a live call center that will call to check and make sure you are ok if the alarm goes off or will dispatch first responders if there's an issue.

Both the Ring and Simplisafe system have wireless battery powered sensors that connect to their respective base stations. Both systems both have keypads that can then be used to arm or disarm the DIY security systems.

The Ring Security system connects directly to the Ring App and allows you to remotely control Ring Security System from the app, including arming or disarming the system. The app control is free with the Ring App and you can also view your Ring Security Cameras on the same app as the Ring Security System.

The Simplisafe security system also allows for app control however in order to use the SImplisafe App you must pay for a professional monitoring plan that costs $24.99 per month.

The Ring Security system does not require a professional monitoring plan to use the app control but if you want to connect your Ring Security system to professional monitoring the cost is $10 per month and also includes 30 days video storage for an unlimited number of Ring Cameras or Ring Doorbells at the same location as the security system.

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