Richard Wagner: The Ring from Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, Part 2: Die Walküre

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Director Valentina Carrasco relocates "Die Walküre," Richard Wagner's powerful drama about abuse of power, sibling love, breach of contract, and retribution to the time of the Argentinian military dictatorship. The resemblance of the father of the gods, Wotan, and his wife, Fricka, to Juan Perón and Maria Eva Duarte, better known as Evita, is astounding. Wotan's warrior daughters, the Valkyries, wear the uniforms of the Falkland soldiers. The Teatro Colón brought Wagner's monumental musical drama "The Ring of the Nibelung" to the stage over the course of one day, in a shortened version. But naturally, the favorite musical highlights of “Die Walküre” are all included: Siegmund's "Winter Storms," the Ride of the Valkyries and Wotan's Magic of Fire, all performed in Latin America's largest opera house.

The Teatro Colón Orchestra was conducted by Roberto Paternostro.

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