QUE CALOR by Major Lazer, J Balvin & I Choreography by @NikaKljun

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#quecalor #majorlazer #jbalvin #elalfa #nikakljun #millenniumdancecomplex

Another incredible class I've had at Millennium Dance Complex and let me tell you... It was so good to be back! I am still injured, so unfortunately no dancing for me yet but my assistants Klaudia Antos, Elysandra Quiñones, Jordan Laza and Tsola Akuya were pure fire.

Note about this choreography: I made this for my youth masterclass in Slovenia at my Bolero Dance Center all the way back in December 2019 just for fun, to bring the dance community together, to make them sweat and work on their cardio (always haha) and just to really celebrate dance and great music.

But since then I've kept hearing from my friends and students in Los Angeles that they would love to learn it so... Alrighty then! :)

I taught this class right after the incredible performance at the Super Bowl by Shakira & Jlo, that I'm sure we've all seen. If you think you recognize some of these faces you're right! :) Elysandra and Klaudia danced for Shakira and Jlo (Respectively).

Thank you for your constant support & enjoy :) Show some love for these incredible students in the comments below.


Jordan Laza
Shannon Walter
Kaylee Purtel
Klaudia Antos
Elysandra Quiñones
FlowXS brothers (Mike and Kevin)
Sage Rosen
Diana Pombo
Julian Stokes
Noah Zulfikar
Will Simmons
Tsola Akuya
Charles R Williams
Yai Ariza
Tomek Przadka
Haalima Dodo
Brody Pietz
Billy Mustapha
Gabriel Cano
Kelly Sweeney
Mallory Jul
Julie Frohman
Lauren Yakima
Alena Garver
Isidora Villagra
Valentino Vladimirov
Henrique Quos
Jake Mcauley

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Edit: @directedbyjon

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