QC 02: The Dragon Scale Glowstone Ring

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If you want to follow along with this video, or get started making your own rings check out the Patrick Adair Supplies subscription box: https://patrickadairsupplies.com/products/supplies-subscription-box

In this video, Patrick Adair Designs shows a quick cut of our Patrick Adair Supplies subscription box tutorial for March. Quick cuts are cinematic versions of our Supplies Subscription box tutorials where Patrick teaches the subscription box subscribers how to make a ring with an in-depth tutorial. In this video, Patrick makes Dragon Scale Glowstone Ring. The Dragon Scale Glowstone Ring Combines multiple amazing kinds of opal in a carbon Fiber Band. This is the first carbon fiber ring blank we've ever featured on this channel.

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My Ring Website: https://patrickadairdesigns.com?sl=quickcut02
My Ring Supplies Website: https://patrickadairsupplies.com/
Instagram: https://goo.gl/Awvokb
Facebook: https://goo.gl/9R3TTX

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