Project Veritas Tried To Spy On The FBI To Discredit Trump Critics

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A shocking new report from The New York Times outlines a plot by the idiots at Project Veritas to spy on FBI agents in order to get them on tape saying mean things about Donald Trump. The goal of the project was to prove that people holding individual political briefs somehow proves that the entire organization is out to get Trump. And the way they went about trying to get this information is even dumber than you'd think. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses the plot.

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The sniveling little weasels at project Veritas run by James O'Keefe have once again, been exposed for one of their little undercover schemes this time trying to get FBI agents, or really anyone who worked for the FBI to say something bad about Trump. So they could use that to discredit the entire organization. The New York times just expose this whole little scheme. The group had been running for some time. And here's what it was. This is so dumb. I'm sorry. These people, James O'Keefe is one of the dumbest human beings. I think I have ever had to do stories on, and it probably dumber than Marco Rubio. But anyway, here it is. Okay. The group decided we've got to get FBI agents on tape saying bad things about Trump because somehow a couple people with independent political views that proves there's a deep state conspiracy against Donald Trump.

So what do they do? They rented a house for $10,000 a month because yeah, they've got deep pockets over there. Project Veritas rented a house in the Georgetown section of Washington for $10,000 a month. And that's where they ran this whole operation from. And do you know how, how the, how it unfolded, how they were going to get these FBI agents on tape? Well, they got a bunch of attractive girls, women, uh, to, uh, go on dates or try to get dates with FBI agents and then trick them while secretly recording these dates while they're saying bad things about Donald Trump. These people are so ridiculous. Again, like this is borderline comical. Like James O'Keefe has a cartoon villain. He's sitting there thinking like, who, what can I use to get them? Aha, no one can resist the allure of an attractive woman. Ha I have gotten you.

No, [inaudible] not all a bunch of in cells, dude. You know, we're not willing to spill the beans just because somebody has a pretty smile. We're not all that stupid. You may be James. And I think that's why you come up with schemes like this that always seem to involve, like let's get a pretty girl and see like that's all you want to do, man is pretty obvious. You just want to be seen like look at my group with all these pretty women, we are going around and we are fooling the world and exposing all their crimes because of their beauty. You're an idiot. I don't know how else to say that. But for real though, um, actually I do need to read this. This is so fun. Female, undercover operatives, arrange dates with FBI employees, with the aim of secretly recording them, making disparaging comments about Mr. Trump. The campaign shows the obsession that some of Mr Trump's allies had about a shadowy, deep state trying to blunt his agenda and the links that some were willing to go to, to try to purge the, of those believed to be disloyal to the president.

These people are so ridiculous. Like they are so devoted to Donald Trump, that they are literally willing to do anything. Even if it embarrasses themselves, when it all comes out in the wash, just to make him happy, just to prove him. Right. And guess what? It was a total failure. It was a complete and total failure y'all were running surveillance on the FBI itself. How did you think that was going to play out your idiots? I look at this point, just throw the bastard in jail. I just put James O'Keefe in jail. You've got more than enough. I mean, surveilling a federal law enforcement agency yet there's plenty of charges to be made on that front alone.

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