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In this video Wella Ambassador Patricia Nikole, also known as @paintedhair, will show you how to do pearl blonde face framing highlights. She will guide you through a quick, but efficient way of creating that perfect face frame (or money piece) using BlondorPlex and only 6 foils.

Step 1: Mix Blondor Plex (1:1.5) with Welloxon Perfect 6%

Step 2: Create 3 sections around the face, one horizontally over the parting and one on each side diagonally.

Step 3: Make sure your section is thin enough to split in half for full saturation, this gives maximum amount of lift.

Step 4: Tease the hair, this will create a babylight effect. Start at your top section and carry this over to your side sections. Blend the lightener down to the previously lightened area. Develop for 50 min.

Step 5: Rinse and apply WellaPlex o2, develop for 10 min

Step 6: Tone using Illumina Color 10/36 + 1.9% (1:2)

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