Pagalil Oru Iravu Tamil Full Movie : Vijayakumar and Sridevi

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Watch Pagalil Oru Iravu Tamil Full Movie

Staring : Vijayakumar, Sridevi, Ravikumar, Seema, Major Sundarrajan.
Directed : I. V. Sasi
Produced : Murali Movies
Music : Ilayaraja

Plot : Seema, a doctor has a love interest on her cousin Vijayakumar. But Vijayakumar loves Sridevi, a shy and down to earth girl. So Seema sacrifices her love and so Vijayakumar gets married to Sridevi. Sridevi's mother (Pushpalatha) hides some truth about Sridevi to others. Everything goes well for Sridevi and she gets conceived, until she trips and falls from the stairs and get aborted. Following this she gets weird and fearful dreams and memories and she is diagnosed to be suffering from retrograde hysteria. Ravikumar, brother of Seema, who returns from abroad is shocked to see Sridevi and he recollects the past.Once during the adolescent days, Sridevi encounters Ravikumar while targeting mangoes. Injured, unconscious Ravikumar is given first aid by Sridevi by tearing a piece of her short gown. Ravikumar gets attracted by her sexy appeal and unknowingly Sridevi loses her virginity to Ravikumar. Not knowing whom he was, she gets pregnant. Her mother takes her to a hill-side village to abort her baby by native treatment, due to which she loses memory of her adolescent age.

Sri Devi, who is being treated for hysteria,frequently returns to hysteric state more often.In a verge to know about her past, Major Sundarrajan compels her mother to reveal the truth. He informs Seema about her past and she cures Sridevi. A few days later, Vijayakumar takes Sridevi to a Hill resort to bring a change in her. There Sridevi witnesses the women who aborted her and gets hysteric and becomes unconscious. Vijayakumar comes to know the truth and he disowns her. After she recovers, she returns, but Vijayakumar isn't ready to accept her as he feels that she has cheated him by hiding the truth. But Ravikumar admits that he was the culprit behind her condition and commits suicide. Finally Vijayakumar understands the truth and accepts Sridevi as his wife.

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