New ELDEN RING Update, All Information/Leaks this month!

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After the giant leak of the Elden Ring gameplay trailer, we haven't had a great amount of news to discuss, but throughout April, a few new leaks and rumors have emerged. Bandai Next was supposed to be a new game showcase for bandai games such as Elden Ring and a lot of fans were excited, but due to new developments and games on their YouTube it is unlikely that we will see Elden Ring at bandai next. A new and strange leak has emerged detailing some gameplay aspects of Elden Ring along with a demo test build of the game. The leaker is unknown so we have to take it sparingly. GameStop has also began putting up Elden Ring posters and marketing so this could be a sign of things to come. Hopefully the new installment of the dark souls and From Software franchise is coming soon...

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