Monster Truck Monday: Spinmaster Monster Jam King of the Ring Tournament Backyard Play with Dad

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It'a anothe rMonster Truck Monday video. Today we have an 18 truck King of the Ring tournamnet. Watch as each Spinmaster truck goes head to head in an all out test to see who is the best monster truck. Evan and dad set up a wrestling ring and two downhill tracks that include a ramp on the ends. Each truck will blast into the ring and try to knock the other truck out. The truck that survives then moves on in this single elimination tournament.
Trucks include:

Bone Shacker (Hot Wheels Giant Wheels)
Ice Soldier of Fortune
Camo Soldier of Fortune
Black Ops Soldier of Fortune
Lucas Oil Mav TV
American Guardian
Son of a Digger
Shark Shock
Gas Monkey Garage
Ratical Rescue
Sparkle Smash
Mad D Black Out
Higher Education
Big Kahuna
Grave Digger

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