Miranda Alize vs Will Allday (Intergender Wrestling) Queens of the Ring 2 - Director's Cut

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Miranda Alize battles Will Allday in this exclusive intergender wrestling match from Hurricane Pro's Queens of the Ring 2. Full Show ➤ http://TitleMatchNetwork.com

This is the director's cut version which contains different shots & edits from the iPPV livestream.

Queens of the Ring 2 is presented by Hurricane Pro

Queens of the Ring was a joint production from Title Match Media LLC (Title Match Network) and Hurricane Pro.

Commentary is provided by Matt Topolski
Photographer/Thumbnail Art is from Chad Cooper
Studio Rights: Title Match Media LLC (via Title Match Wrestling, Title Match Network)

Enjoy this intergender match up from Queens of the Ring 2, live from Beaumont, TX. Miranda Alize has been seen in AEW, Impact Wrestling, Ladies Night Out, The Crash Lucha and many other promotions.

Will Allday is one of the fastest rising stars in all of independent wrestling. Allday has been featured on Booker T's Reality of Wrestling, Wrestle Circus as well as NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. He is one of most popular stars in the Texas wrestling scene.

Who will win as Miranda Alize and Will Allday battle it out in this intergender match? Watch Hurricane Pro's Queens of the Ring ➤ TitleMatchNetwork.com

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