Major Riot refuses to be the next PWDubbz, DSP questions his mental health

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To any of DSP's fans watching please read this:

We make fun of you because you continue to support a man who is unappreciative and even downright disrespectful to you. You guys are entitled to support whoever you want, but why this man? To own the trolls? How can you own the trolls when the entertainment value in "trolling" DSP lies in the fact that you give him money when he CLEARLY doesn't deserve it.
Take into account how he treated long time viewer Major Riot, who all he did was voice a concern about his personal info, and look how DSP reacted.

Whether you believe DSP doxxed PWDubbz or not you have to know that someone can ruin your life with ANY unique identifiable information(you'd be surprised how much damage someone can do with just knowing your name) and DSP does not care about that. He constantly tells you that he has to protect his BUSINESS but has no procedures in place to protect his CUSTOMERS, which EVERY BUSINESS SHOULD HAVE. If you know anybody that works in the medical field they can tell you about HIPAA and anybody who's worked in IT can tell of the constant training videos and seminars are in place to train their employees TO PROTECT THEIR CLIENTS' INFORMATION. DSP doesn't care about any of that, he just wants your money just so he can take his wife out to eat.

You want to keep supporting him, you're well within your right to do so. Just remember what happens when you don't fall in line.

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