Lockdown! The Game!

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Опубликовано на Admin В Боевики 2019

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Review and tutorial of Lockdown! (the game)


Icons from the Noun Project: Phone by Nikita Kozin, panties by Smalllike, Donald Trump by Lorie Shaull, Couple by ProSymbols, Corkscrew by Roberto Colombo, drunk by Marie Van den Broeck, Headache by richad, Stress by Shreya Chakravarty, frustration by Gan Khoon Lay, Broken Pencil by Nick Kinling, teaching by Hoeda, sad man by Shubidumdu, Cupcake by Srinivas Agra, drunk by corpus delicti, Wine by Adrien Coquet, Lock by Andrew Richardson, Drink by Raden Situbondo, drinking by Luis Prado, drinking alone by Vectors Point, alone by Anton Håkanson, Loneliness by Luis Prado, alone by Nithinan Tatah, Sock Puppet by Juan Pablo Bravo, Bathroom Browsing by James Fenton, alone by auttapol, lonely by Nick Bluth, Birthday by Evgeny Filatov, Tissue Box by Lee Nathan, the rest by Виталий Плут, loading wheel by Roselin Christina.S, slow internet by Gan Khoon Lay, long distance by iconixar, online dating by MRFA, online game by Bayu Ardhy, bailout by Luis Prado, Gloves by Creative Mahira, breaking up by Gan Khoon Lay, Medical Mask by IcoLabs, wash hands by pejyt, Video Conference by MRFA, work from home by Gan Khoon Lay, work from home by IconTrack, Head Banging by Luis Prado, frustration by Luis Prado, Sex by Adrien Coquet, Hitachi Magic Wand by Ben Hantoot, group discussion by Vectors Market, Media by The Pyramid School, Soap Dispenser by Creative Stall, Toilet Paper by Ben Davis, Chocolate by miranda, Ethernet by Michael Wohlwend, virus by Georgiana Ionescu.

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