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Trying to find the best hair salon in Lahore for blonde highlights turned out to be quite easy because everyone recommended the same colour expert for me. GM is based at the wonderful TONI&GUY North Pakistan salon in DHA 3 and he worked wonders with my hair. We had a consultation, I had half-head highlights to brighten and lighten up my colour the way I like (so it looks the most natural and not like I have highlights at all), and I had a cut.

As you'll see in the video, for my hair, they use straight-up bleach to achieve my look, and over the years my stylists have always used a mix of 6% bleach added to the compound that bonds the bleach to my hair. But GM did something that no other hairstylist has done, he used 3% bleach instead of 6% ... meaning that my hair absorbed half of the normal harsh bleach that it normally did. This has resulted in a much more healthy head of hair for me.

I'm putting out this video almost 3 months after my appointment at TONI&GUY Lahore DHA 3 and it still looks lovely and natural. To me, that says that what GM did to my hair was the best method for keeping me looking natural longer because normally I return to the salon every 2 months more or less.

I 100% recommend GM and the team at TONI&GUY North Pakistan because they are all under the educational direction of GM ... so no matter who you choose as your stylist and colour expert, you'll be in great hands.
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Contact Toni & Guy North Pakistan in Lahore
- Location in Lahore DHA 3: +924235731559 or +924235731560
- For pricing and list of full services they offer, visit their website
- Toni & Guy Instagram
- GM Instagram (my stylist and colour expert is Ghulam Mustafa, he's a T&G education director & technical director)

XOXO ~ Angela


- You can find this video and more on my blog:



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