Jeweller Creates Record For Ring With Most Diamonds

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Kotti Srikanth from The Diamond Store by Chandubhai in Hyderabad, designed a ring which he named The Divine — 7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam’. According to a report by Economic Times, the ring contains 7801 natural diamonds. He has got the Guinness World Record for it.The diamond ring was unveiled earlier this month and is inspired by the Brahma Kamalam. Brahma Kamaaml is a rare flower that is considered extremely pure, is used for religious purposes and has medicinal properties.
The ring was first conceptualized in 2018 and it took over 11 months to make. The ring is in the form of six layers with each layer having eight petals. The makers submitted the ring to the Guinness World Record last year. After several rounds of verification, the honour of the ‘Most Diamonds Set in One Ring’ title was bestowed upon it. Around the world when diamonds are mined and sold, the profits from such diamonds are used to fund terrorism, dangerous weapons, etc. In Africa, there are many diamond mines. The profits from the sale of diamonds are used to finance wars in Africa and the employees of the mine are not given fair wages. The employees are oppressed and made to work. Diamonds from such Blood Diamonds.
People around the world have been working to create awareness about such Blood Diamonds. It is said that when you purchase a diamond you must make sure the Diamond is ‘Conflict Free’. Means the purchse diamond has not contributed to violence or terrorism. The Guiness authorities while checking the diamonds made sure the diamonds were conflict-free and natural. Srikanth said, “I am very honored and thankful to the Guinness World Records for recognizing my passion to create unique pieces of art. It gives me immense pleasure to get awarded at a global level for a masterpiece I created.”

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