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The Ki-109 is a Japanese Plane in War Thunder. The Ki-109 is equipped with a 75mm cannon that's capable of killing literally any tank in the game.

The Ki 109 in War Thunder is lovingly known as the Japanese Duck. Its gun isn't quite as strong as the Hs 129 but it still packs enough punch to deal with any ground target that you'll face.

The Ki-109 retains its energy and speed really well, giving it an edge over the German Duck in that regard. However, the control surfaces are slower to respond and it lacks additional offensive machine guns making it far less useful against enemy planes.

The Ki-109 has been buffed in the form of a battle rating change to 2.3! This means the Ki109 will face beginner tanks which in my honest opinion is pretty rough. This plane is still capable of handling targets way above its battle rating making it a perfect meme plane.

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