IT ENDS NOW! Reacting to "Skyblock: Potato War 3 (FINALE)" by Technoblade

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The Great Potato War between @im a squid kid and @Technoblade ends here! The Skyblock Potato War was a battle that took place in @Hypixel Server for Minecraft. In Part 3, Techno tries to seal his place in history as the God of Potatoes. Can Squid make an epic comeback to steal the crown from the tater mogul himself? Will Technoblade never die? Will Minecraft change forever as these two titans battle to the, well, not death? And how will I feel about the inevitable conclusion of this carbohydrate cold war? It's hard to believe this isn't the end, but the beginning, as this is building up to Dream v. Technoblade and the incredible epic (I'm told) that is the Dream SMP. Be on the lookout for the $36,000 challenge reaction coming next week!

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I love learning how to Minecraft. Your help has been incredible on this journey and I'm looking forward to where the next steps lead! Take care friends and I'll see ya next time! #minecraft #skyblock #technoblade

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