Interview with a Cheater

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A cheater came to me with his story. He showed me a few things, I asked him a few questions and we collaborated on this video to show you a perspective you might otherwise have never seen.

Entertainingly, it appears that a lot of cheats and exploits leak out of rivalries between different cheat makers who are trying to expose / sabotate their rivals!

0:00 - Intro
2:16 - How did he start, what are the basics?
3:50 - What's so fun about cheating?
6:08 - What does a cheater want from CS:GO's future?
6:47 - Trust Factor?
7:07 - CS:GO's Anti-cheat methods?
8:44 - What he can do with cheats
10:32 - How many pros does he think hack?
10:51 - Who will give up in the cheat armsrace first? Does cheating help Valve at all?
12:00 - Whoops

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