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We made a trailer for what Overwatch might look like if it was a DOOM game! Hope you enjoy it! RIP & TEAR!!!

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Director of Blood & Pain - Moxness | @JonathanMoxness
The Voice of Hell - Rusty | https://www.youtube.com/user/rustymolboxer/
Keeper of Metal - Gilberto | @EienRinnegan" Dias
Badass Coordinator - Pedro Freitas | @Fgeitas
Legend of Gameplay - Pat "Owtreyalp" | @owTreyalP
Our one and Only Mercy - Nancy Teeple | @Avedral
Doctor of DOOM - Anthony Tucciarone | @doctorbenis

Music track licensed from Music Vine: Annihilate by SubSonic

Special Thanks
Blizzard and iD Software/Bethesda Softworks for making awesome games

Gameplay was recorded in Overwatch with additional FX work done in After Effects.

Characters, character models, and in-game environments are property of Blizzard Entertainment.

#DOOM #overwatch #overwatchmachinima

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