I tried beating God of War Without Taking Damage

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God of War for PS4 is DEFINITELY in my top 3 favourite games of all time after this God of War gameplay. But can I challenge myself and actually beat the game without taking any damage? Follow me on Twitter @danteravioli for a grand ol' time.
God of War 5 can't come soon enough! Dude, forget Resident Evil 8, forget Dying Light 2, GOW 5 is the game I'm most excited for. So much can happen to Kratos, Atreus and Freya and I'm just so excited to see what happens. I haven't beaten the first couple of God of War games, I've only really played God of War 4. So anyway the only rules I'm following in this gaming challenge is to "not take damage". If I ever do, I have to instantly restart the checkpoint and then pray in the corner for 5 minutes to repent for my sins. Does this game force you to take forced damage like other games? Or can you go through the entire game without so much as seeing a sliver of your health going down? HMM LeT's FiNd oUt.

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Is anyone else here excited for God of War 5 aka God of War Ragnarok? There's so much they can do with the story and I can't wait to see what happens to Freya, Kratos, and Atreus. Will they meet Thor? How will Ragnarok play out? I can't wait. This God of War gameplay was recorded about a month ago so I was a little fuzzy on some of the details of the run, but I remembered enough to make a decent video out of it. The amount of times I've heard the word "boy" and "rent" is astounding.

Thanks to Ross Bugden for such an amazing intro song! I've been listening to his music for years and it's so good. Here's the link to the song:
Song name: Haunted by Ross Bugden
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOrxwqvfD2E&t=57s

I tried beating God of War without taking damage. AND on the hardest difficulty of all of them. Was I successful, or was it another failed challenge? Watch the video to find out. Thanks for all of the support guys.

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