How To Install Ring Pro 2 Doorbell

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Ring Pro 2:

In this video we teach you how to install the Ring Pro 2 Doorbell. The Ring Pro 2 Launched in the spring of 2021 and is the latest and most advanced iteration in the Ring Doorbell line up. It has 1536 HD video, advanced motion detection and a 3D motion detection feature combined with a birds eye view of your yard. 

One of the most interesting features of the Ring Pro 2 Doorbell is that it has a wide angle lense that allows you to see people from head to toe even when they are standing next to the doorbell. 

The Ring Pro 2 Doorbell requires 16V to 24VAC for operation. 

(VIDEO) How To Test Doorbell Voltage:

Ring Pro 2 Installation:
1. Turn off power to existing doorbell at the circuit breaker. Confirm that the power is off. 
2. Remove your existing doorbell.
3. Wire the new Ring Pro 2 doorbell in place.
4. Secure the Ring Pro 2 Video Doorbell to the wall or door frame with the provided screws.
5. Open the existing doorbell chime and install the chime power adapter.
6. Reinstall the chime cover.
7. Turn the power back on to the circuit breaker.
8. Open the Ring app click on set up a device and then scan the code located on the packing or the Ring device to set up the Ring Pro 2 Doorbell.
9. Follow the in app instructions for setting up the Ring Pro 2 Doorbell.

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