Homemade Hair Coloring |Natural Hair Bleach |தமிழில் |Hair Highlight at home |Blonde, Brown Color|H2

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#Best_Homemade_hair_color #natural_hair_bleach

Homemade Hair Coloring |Natural Hair Bleach |தமிழில் |Hair Highlight at home |Blonde, Brown Color|H2 : in this video we have brought you the simplest way to lighten your hair naturally. This ia overnight recipe which i use personally sometimes to lighten my hair. You can use this homemade hair color to lighten your hair till brown or blonde.This homemade hair color is devoid of chemicals and its side effects.

#natural_hair_color #Highlight_your_hair_at_home_naturally #hair_color_at_home
Use this regularly as directed for best results.

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REMEMBER: All these are natural and homemade which is safer to use than any chemically processed creams which are sometimes tricky and costs more. You can definitely see result in first usage but to achieve max you should use regularly eventually you will be amazed at the result. There is no such things called 1 DAY, 3 DAYS result - all gimmicks. Just think if you have this problem for Long time how can it be treated in just 1 hour and that to for just 1 day. With first usage you will clear the skin in next usages you will be see improvements for sure...!!! THATS HOW IT WORKS
About the Channel: How Hema is a channel dedicated to Life Style, Craft, Travel, language and Fashion. We cover variety of topics like beauty, hair care , skin care, health, styling, learning English, make up, decor, diys, vlogs, carving, gifts tips all in tamil language
About me: Hi, This is Hema (M.Phil in English), I have 9 Years experience with Hair & Beauty. I love to do crafts works and DIYs. I always believe, one should always be curious to learn new things in very stages of life. I am fond of experimental cooking and hunting down different kinds of food. I am crazy about travelling to different places and exploring my soul.
Disclaimer: The products used in this video is for common audience. Some may have specific skin allergies so avoid those products. If you have sensitive skin first do a patch test which is highly recommended.

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