Good/Funny Doom WADs - vladguy - spiderden.wad [With Dumb Bonus!]

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Vladguy is back with another Doom WAD for us to play, and it takes place in a demonic spider's den of some sort that's home to some cybernetic mastermind. This WAD is fun, and it has some silly stuff to it as well, and it's also pretty sus in some ways. Tt's going to be a fun one, and this video also has a bonus Doom WAD around the end of the video that is named after a Doom source port used for online play.

vladguy - spiderden.wad:

Go here for the Doomworld Forums thread on Jimmy's 15 Years a Doomer mapping contest:

Go here for the alternative version of vladguy - spiderden.wad:

odamex.wad (Odamex):

Go here for The /newstuff Chronicles #289:

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