Giant Wizard of Oz Game in Real Life to Save Rebecca from the RHS!

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Rebecca Zamolo must escape in 24 hours from a OZ video game with RZ twin.

Rebecca Zamolo saw Maddie’s first date with ex boyfriend crush had kiss gone wrong because Matt secretly ruined it. Matt and Rebecca betrayed the Game Master network and Matt was caught sneaking into RHS secret meeting for hacks. This started when the Game Master network competed in a last to leave hot tub wins date with crush challenge so Maddie could go on her first date. Rebecca’s best friend Zoe created a program called the wizard of oz to help Rebecca defeat RZ twin inside her memory. Rebecca meets giant avatars in real life that look similar to her friend squad of Maddie, Matt, and Daniel. Maddie is the scarecrow and she needs to find her lost memory with the help of the wizard. The tin man needs a heart and the cowardly lion needs courage so they agree to follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald city with Rebecca. The best friends must compete in different challenges to win colors to the rainbow. In the first diy challenge they must mix 10,000 skittles into one giant skittle by working together. The Halloween hacker is spying on them for the wicked witch. Next is an instagram and tiktoks dance challenge where they must learn choreography to make the best viral tiktoks. The Halloween hacker hacks into each avatar to prank them but they still complete the challenge. RZ twin creates an earthquake to try to stop them on the floor is lava challenge and Rebecca must battle royale a mystery man. We must use our memory and chose the right squares while a mystery man in a giant bubble tries to stop us. RZ twin puts sleep cloud on the roses and Rebecca tries not to fall asleep. Daniel saves his friends in the movie theater and it turns into a battle royale at the last to fall wins across the pool. At OZ they finally meet the wizard who does a face reveal as Robbie Rob. Rebecca must click her heels together three times and repeat “There’s no place like home.” Will Rebecca wake up and not be hypnotized? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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