Full Moon in AQUARIUS ~ 'Ground Control To Major Tom' ~ Oracle Channeling for the Collective

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This Full Moon in Aquarius is going to bring so many unexpected events, shifts, changes, and blessings, but it is up to us as individuals to honor our paths during this time and choose the experiences that lead us closer to our potential and purpose! This spread was super magical and I feel very excited about the choices that us who shared in this spread are moving into. We can do it! Choose your dreams and believe in them! Happy Full Moon! Don't forget to charge your crystals! I'll be sending direct energy to some of you at Distance Reiki! Peace and Love - Lucid

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Distance Reiki Sessions are channeled every New & Full Moon at 12pm est! Donations are accepted until the Midnight before the New/Full Moon you wish to join!

????Donate what you feeled called to at my venmo or paypal below!
Do make sure to tell me your name and for which Moon you are joining! Intention and location are optional! Peace and Love!⤵️


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