Ep191: A Cheater's Guide to Cheating

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Опубликовано на Admin В Боевики 2019

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On this week’s episode of WHOREible Decisions the duo are guest-less! The ladies start with a brief catch up before diving into the Vanilla Sh-t. Submitted by hella people on Twitter, the ladies talk about a Florida Man (of course) who was accused of shooting his doctor after cumming from his prostate exam. This week’s WHORE’derve gives you some game ideas to bring into the bedroom or assist with getting you into the bedroom.

The Whoreible Decision is the Cheater’s Guide to Cheating! While we do not condone cheating or being dishonest, we spill the tea on all the apps used for cheating and how technology is used to help someone hide their cheating ways. The ladies also get into a spicy debate regarding Cardi’s divorce news with Offset and her remarks that it had nothing to do with infidelity. (This episode was recorded prior to her taking him back & her admitting to being the abuser in the relationship.)

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