Doom 64 (2020) - Watch Me Die in 58:35

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An ultra-casual (and awful) speedrun of Doom 64 on WMD difficulty for the PC, uses saves/loads and has a few deaths. Maybe one day I'll do a deathless run without saves. At least now I have a Doom 64 video on this channel.

Improves the previous PC record by ... 28 minutes apparently, didn't expect my first run to be sub 1 hour, so I'm happy with that as a start. My ammo management isn't routed very well, but overall it was ok compared to the practice attempts I've done. Pretty much everything could be done better, especially simple stuff like grabbing some extra ammo from secrets that I forgot about.

If you haven't watched grav's N64 record then watch that instead as it's about a 1000 times better:

There's also a TAS by Headshot in 23:54 which I highly recommend found here:

Thanks to grav's doom64 streams so I knew a bit about this run from before, unfortunately I can't go through the walls... at least not yet :)

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