DOOM 3 VR ON QUEST 2 IS PERFECT VR HORROR // DOOM 3 Quest 2 Gameplay // Doom 3 VR Quest 2

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Dr Beef has done it again, this Doom 3 VR port / Doom 3 Quest port is truly something that needs to be seen to be believed, so here I am with almost an hour of Doom 3 VR gameplay running natively on the Oculus Quest 2. Doom 3 really is the true horror game in the Doom franchise, its dark gritty visuals, jump scare filled hallways & reliance on a torch for it's entire playtime make it a far scarier experience than all the other installments & having a Doom 3 Oculus Quest version / Doom 3 VR Quest port is a dream come true for all FPS fans & horror fans alike. This might actually be a new contender for one of the best Quest 2 horror games...

Doom 3 VR / Doom 3 Quest VR isn't out YET (it might be by the time you're seeing this video as the team at Dr Beef are getting ready to drop this on the unsuspecting public any day now...) but I was lucky enough to be treated to this early sneak peak. Having played the Doom 3 VR mod for PC (the Fully Possessed mod) I was keen to see how Doom 3 Oculus Quest / Doom 3 VR Dr Beef port would stack up and I'm pleased to say that on Quest 2 this really feels almost identical to the native PC experience I've played several times. The frame rates are smooth, the action is fluid, hand tracking & head tracking working beautifully & the 3D environments feel claustrophic & exciting. Doom 3 VR on Quest also comes with a fully fleshed out suite of options, from comfort to gameplay changes you can change and tinker with your Doom 3 Oculus Quest experience until it feels perfect for you personally.

I had an absolute blast with this Doom 3 Quest 2 gameplay / Doom 3 VR gameplay & I'm proud to be sharing it with you all today, keep an eye on Sidequest over the next few days and maybe, JUST MAYBE, it will be available to play much sooner than you think. One thing to keep in mind is this, much like the other Dr Beef VR ports, Doom 3 VR / Doom 3 Quest requires the player to own the original game - This needs to be the original version of DOOM 3, NOT the DOOM 3 BFG edition!

* All Doom 3 VR gameplay / Doom 3 Quest 2 gameplay was captured natively on an Oculus Quest 2 via a stable build of Doom 3 Quest *

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