Doctor Doom in Black Panther 2 Will Redefine the MCU

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Wouldn't Doc Doom just be the PERFECT villain?!?
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Doctor Doom, is one of the best and most beloved villains in Marvel comics. There is so much to this amazing character. He has some of the best technology and weapons in the world, but he’s also an extremely powerful magic user, being able to even rival Doctor Strange himself.
Beyond that, Doom has some of the most interesting and complex motivations you can dream of. He is a tragic and unique villain, with the potential to change the MCU forever.
Doctor Doom is the total package, and this is why he should be the next big bad on the new MCU saga. If done right, Doom could not only be as good as Thanos, but actually leave him and any other villain in the dust.
Doctor Doom could play a huge role in the MCU, starting with phase 4, going all the way to the climax of phase 6, which could be a Secret Wars movie.
But Doom will need a nemesis, someone who will clash with him over the course of a decade. And that should be Black Panther.
I think that Doctor Doom could be established in Black Panther 2. From there, Doom and T'Challa could have a decade long rivalry.
The relationship between Doom and Black Panther could change the MCU forever, as the two will clash and unite on multiple occasions. In a way, Black Panther and Doom could be the new Captain America and Iron Man.
Doctor Doom could end up being of the best villains in cinema.

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Written by: Pavel Terechovsky
Narrated by: Justin Freitas
Edited by: Alex Luthor

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