DIY Ajdustable Cell Phone Stand

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So here's the story. I have been at stuck working at home for months, and I just needed to get away. So I booked a hotel an hour and a half from my house, and decided to make this video that I've wanted to make for months. Written, shot, edited, and uploaded from my hotel room.

The problem is that my primary camera right now is my cell phone. But I needed it as a prop. So I filmed most of the video with my action camera, and recorded the audio with my old cell phone. Sorry about the hissing; it's an older phone.

I'm not including dimensions on any of these stands, because it really depends on what kind of phone you have. Think of these as more proof of concept. You're welcome to ask any questions about them in the comments.

I know the audio and video don't sync perfectly, but it's 3 o'clock in the morning, and it's close enough.

The commercially made cellphone stand is called the Pocket Tripod, from Geometrical.

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