Did I Do That? - Ring of Pain - GyroPunk Daily #82

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Today is the last Ring of Pain GPD, it will be switched over to its own series along with the Daily Dungeons! Still TWO uploads a day. SAME time, just different nomenclature.

Ring of Pain a sweet roguelike deckbuilder experience by the name of Ring of Pain! It has a unique dark vibe and mechanics that feel similar to the likes of Slay The Spire, Meteorfall, and other games of the genre, but has a place of its own.

I am playing it on the Nintendo Switch but is also on steam

We're back with the daily VGlogs in the form of GyroPunk Dailies!

This is the GyroPUNK side of the coin which will focus on more darker themed games. Check out the GyroMONK videos for the brighter more aesthetically pleasing games as well but possibly may have more conversation that leans on deeper thought, who knows.
It will be essentially like an extension to my twitch streams which you can catch at:

Hope you guys enjoy these! Make sure to like sub and join in on the conversation!

#RingOfPain #GPD

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