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Hi! My name is Dumb Blonde and today yall are getting a CARRIE horror reaction video(watching carrie reaction video) (horror movie reaction).

Welcome to my horror movie reaction channel, I am here every Wednesday and Saturday for a new movie reaction video of a horror movie I've never seen before! As you might've guessed, like other movie reaction channels, here, we watch new stuff all the time, but I focus on the "horror movie reaction videos" genre. So if you notice yourself typing things like "movie reaction first time watching" , " " or even " horror movie Ive never seen ", well you should totally subscribe and come hangout with me twice a week!

So this week, it is the carrie horror reaction:) This is seriously one of my new favorite movies ever! So we are watching carrie for the first time today and I couldn't be happier! And from now on, this movie will not be on my "horror ive never seen" list!

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