Bye Woke (Cheater)

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Опубликовано на Admin В Боевики 2019

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Nice dance for your begged invite woke :)))))
Woke's Channel:
Original Video:
Credit: Meep

Wokes millionware account:

Description from original:
This video I expose woke for hacking in his YT videos. He pretends to be legit for the views and so people think he is good he puts people down that are better than him legit saying they cheat. I use to be his friend but after finding out he has cheated for many years and lied about it to all of his friends stopped talking to him.

Evidence #1:

Evidence #2:

Evidence #3 (NEW):

Thanks For The Inspiration Boo Stairs For The End Edit.

Some Of The People That Helped.
Acupz$ , Zorn , chaderall

Some Other Things:

In the Video At 1:00 He says his invite was masle. The person nasle invited was logitechg502. Which Has A Sub and the sub is down to 1 week.
Also as an aware account with the same name.

During the game one of wokes friends asks Justus if he is playing with woke during the game and justus confirms that is woke. (Justus admitting its woke) (Justus in-game with woke)

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