Black Ops Cold War Zombies ☆ All Working Glitches After 1.15 Patch!

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Glitches! Die Maschine & Firebase Z! Here's 9 New Glitches To Level Up Fast! Solo Pile-Up Glitch! Cold War Zombies News Update!

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Intro: (0:00)
Glitch #1 Barracks Glitch - Firebase Z: (0:42)
Glitch #2 Trench Glitch - Firebase Z: (1:20)
Glitch #3 Sandbag Glitch - Firebase Z: (1:55)
Glitch #4 Tombstone Godmode Glitch - Firebase Z: (2:23)
Glitch #5 Steel Cage Glitch - Die Maschine: (4:18)
Glitch #6 Truck Glitch - Die Maschine: (4:59)
Glitch #7 Crash Site Glitch - Die Maschine: (5:52)
Glitch #8 Anomaly Glitch - Die Maschine: (6:22)
Glitch #9 Under Map Glitch - Die Maschine: (7:05)
Zombies News Update: (8:38)
Thanks For Watching, Subscribe!: (9:59)

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