Black Diamond Presents: BD Employee Brent Barghahn Attempts Ring That Bell (5.13R) in Bells Canyon

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Brent Barghahn has rope soloed the Nose in a day, claimed free ascents of both Golden Gate (VI 5.13b) and Freerider (VI 5.13a) on El Cap, and established a big-wall 5.13 first ascent Kyrgyzstan. Not to mention he’s accomplished all this while working full-time behind a desk as a Design Engineer at BD. Perhaps most crucial to his big wall success, however, are his after-work sessions on the local Wasatch granite. For the past few years, Brent has worked through the grades, repeating classic testpieces and also adding his own first ascents in the local canyons up to 5.13d. Last November, Brent felt ready to attempt a route that had gained a near-mythical status—the then unrepeated Ring That Bell (5.13R). Check out this film as Brent ties in and goes for it on one of the Wasatch’s most fearsome routes.

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